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NPXLab 2022 released NPXLab 2022 released HOT

Version (16/03/2022)

Fix: The Multi NPX File Updater, was released with an outdated user interface

Version (1/03/2022)

New: Added the Multi NPX File Updater, that allows to add XML info to several files simultaneously and modify event names
Improved: Overall faster events management


Version (24/01/2022)

New: ERP Measures can now be manually set and edited, (not just automatically)
New: XML Additional Info can be added to NPX files overwriting previous nodes
Improved: Several minor updates in File Appender
Improved: ERP Cartoon: dramatic improvement in speed (10x) and memory usage
Improved: Faster handling files with a huge number of events
Fix: Fixed a bug that prevented some Spectral analyses under rare circumstances


Version (17/12/2021)

New: Sensors Info can be exported as Text file


Version (12/12/2021)

New: ICA Components can be renamed
New: ICA Components status (On/Off) can be saved


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