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This is the first 64-bit beta Version of NPXLab released!!!


Please, test it and report errors and bugs at "sw at" 

Created 2023-02-21
Changed 2023-05-19
Size 35.12 MB
Downloads 50

Version (21/02/2023)

Fix: Fixed a bug with BCI Encoder reader: name was not read in certain circumstances

Improved: Dramatic speed improvement in Events inserters

Improved: Several internal changes to allow 64-bit release

Improved: Internal changes to make it compatible with OWLNext 7.09"

New: Maps data (values and electrode coords) can now be copied into the Clipboard

Created 2023-02-21
Changed 2023-05-19
Size 34.52 MB
Downloads 47

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Version (18/01/2023)

Fix: Several minor fixes 

Improved: Dramatic speed improvement in topographic maps creation

Improved: Dramatic speed improvement in several areas

Improved: Several updates for 64-bit version (available soon) compatibility

Improved: Upgraded user interface library (OWLNext 6.44.19)

Created 2023-01-18
Changed 2023-02-21
Size 34.48 MB
Downloads 124

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Version (16/03/2022)

Fix: The Multi NPX File Updater, was released with an outdated user interface

Version (1/03/2022)

New: Added the Multi NPX File Updater, that allows to add XML info to several files simultaneously and modify event names
Improved: Overall faster events management


Version (24/01/2022)

New: ERP Measures can now be manually set and edited, (not just automatically)
New: XML Additional Info can be added to NPX files overwriting previous nodes
Improved: Several minor updates in File Appender
Improved: ERP Cartoon: dramatic improvement in speed (10x) and memory usage
Improved: Faster handling files with a huge number of events
Fix: Fixed a bug that prevented some Spectral analyses under rare circumstances


Version (17/12/2021)

New: Sensors Info can be exported as Text file


Version (12/12/2021)

New: ICA Components can be renamed
New: ICA Components status (On/Off) can be saved


Created 2022-03-14
Changed 2022-09-22
Size 35.69 MB
Downloads 260

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Version (20/10/2021)

Improved: Reduced (hopefully solved!) the number of unnecessary recomputations in ERP module
Fix: the Average Form now supports High DPI Monitors
Fix: ICAFronEnd64 was erroneously compiled as 32bit app, resulting in memory management limitations


Version (28/11/2021)

Improved: Better EDF files compatibility 
Improved: Better EBNeuro files compatibility
Improved: Increased the number of default sensors locations for 2-D maps

Created 2021-11-28
Changed 2022-03-14
Size 37.58 MB
Downloads 157


Improved: Started to support High DPI Monitors
Fix: Fixed another bug in ERP Mode which occurred when using Scalp View when sensor coordinates are missing
Fix: Fixed a bug in ERP Statistics



Improved: Improved support to High DPI Monitors
Fix: Fixed a bug in ERP: changes in ICA did not update the averages
Fix: Fixed a bug in the Setup program: EDF and Loreta drivers were not included



Improved: Upgraded development tools
Fix: Fixed a potential bug in Automatic Artifact detection when large files are processed



Improved: Upgraded user interface library (OWLNext 6.44)
Improved: Improved support to High DPI Monitors
Improved: Faster Spectral Analysis
Improved: Better memory management


Improved: Reduced (but not yet fixed) the number of unnecessary recomputations in ERP
Improved: Better compatibility of EDF files

Created 2021-10-18
Changed 2021-11-28
Size 37.53 MB
Downloads 193


New: Added ERP exporter for Machine Learning external tools
New: Added IEEE P2731 branch in NPX files to store BCI details
New: Added support to EEG-BIDS sidecar to BDF files
Fix: Fixed a bug in ERP Mode which occurred when using Scal View when sensor coordinates are missing



New: Added De-trend processor for cephalic signals (disabled by default)
New: Added mean value averager for cephalic signals (enabled by default)
Improved: Better automatic deduction of sensor types
Fix: Fixed a huge memory leak occurring when 2-D map parameters changes required recomputing weights



New: BF++ Toys have a special folder to store files (Encoders, Confusion Matrices, Logical and Semantic Alphabets)
Improved: Better support to ANT Neuro files (*.cnt), still in beta test
Improved: Upgraded PugiXML engine to version 1.11 (was 1.10)



New: Very preliminary support to ANT Neuro files (*.cnt)
Improved: Better integration with the EBNeuro Personal Management System
Improved: Just a few updates to remove obsolete code
Improved: Faster export of spectral data
Improved: Better handling of Traces color
Fix: Fixed a bug 32 bits ICA: Infomax process could fail to start
Fix: The file converter tool stored a wrong number of samples in a NPX destination file if downsampling was selected



New: Added display normalization options in Spectrum View
New: It is now possible to add predefined montages every time e file is loaded
Fix: Fixed a bug in EBNEuro drivers: some files were not opened
Fix: Fixed a bug in Micromed drivers: some events duration was too long
Improved: Several optimizations in spectral analysis

Created 2021-05-10
Changed 2021-10-18
Size 31.63 MB
Downloads 251

Few fixes from previous version:

1) Some EDF+ files were not correctly loaded.

2) Spectral bands color in NPXLab -> Spectrum View were shifted by one sample.

3) It was not possible to save spectral files anymore, due to a missing link to an optional commercial software (EBNeuro GalStat, Spectral Statistical Package).

Created 2016-06-17
Changed 2020-06-27
Size 27.07 MB
Downloads 2,357