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Novation A-Station PC Editor Novation A-Station PC Editor HOT

Novation A-Station (C) PC Editor


How to get it:

1) Download the software;

2) Try it;

3) If you like it follow the instruction to get a valid license (by sending an email with an automatically generated activation request file);

4) Buyer will receive the license code by e-mail as soon as payment will be completed


A-Station Editor main view

System Requirements

  • Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP
  • Midi Interface : any


Main Features

  • Edit virtually any parameter of the A-Station
  • Save the patches (all or one at a time)
  • Load the patches (all or one at a time)
  • Sort the patches by clicking on the left list view columns according to (see left side list view):

    • N: program number.
    • Mode: Poly and waveforms info.

 There are 4 characters here: the first one is relative to the poly mode, and cay be one of the following:

  • M: mono
  • G: mono autoglide
  • P: poly ("P" is uppercase)
  • p: poly with “same note voice stealing” ("p" is lowercase)


The three successive characters are relative to the waveforms (one for each oscillator):
  • S: Sine
  • T: Triangle
  • w: Sawtooth
  • P: Pulse (square)
The selected patch (107) in figure has a "Pwww" mode, which means Poly, and sawtooth (w) for all the oscillators.
  • P: Portamento amount: values represent the portamento time divided by 16 (range 0-8). The selected patch 107 has no portamento.
  • Oct: Octave shift of the three oscillators: -1 octave is represented with "-". The selected patch 107 has the first two oscillators shifted down by an octave while the thirs oscillator has no octave shift.
  • A: Apeggiator. An "a" is used when the arpeggiator is activated. The selected patch 107 has no arpeggiator.
  • V: Vocoder. A "v" is displayed when the vocoder is used. The selected patch 107 has no vocoder.

The "sorting" feature can be used to fastly retrive some specific patches: for example by clicking on the "A" column button, all the arpeggiated patches are listed at the beggining or at the end of the listview. In the same way, by clicking on the "V" column button all the "vocoded" pacthes are listed at the beginning or at the end of the listview. And so on.

It is strognly recommended that you make a backup of your pacthes(e.g. usign a SysEx dump) before using the AStatEdit: all the software programs may contain bugs so that a part of the data might be lost. Then, save all your pacthes by pressing the "Save All..." button.
Finally, enjoy it, and if you need additional features, write me at the email address formed by the words: "music", followed by the "@" character and then followed by the name of this website "".

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